Technical development has created new requirements when designing protection for critical electrical equipment. Constant product development is a key factor for us to provide high quality products that meet latest end-user requirements. Fitelnet shielded system cabinets and EMP/HPM filters are developed to protect against latest threats.


Design, R&D, test and measurements are part of our service range in the area of protection against electromagnetic interference. High quality in production and installation together with continuing measurements are important when ensuring that performance of shielding and protection maintains over the years. We provide services that are case by case customized to meet end-user specifications.

EMP/HPM protected system cabinets

FCSC shielded system cabinets are effective way to protect against electromagnetic pulse and other threats. System level protection is a cost effective way to protect most critical equipment and ensure that performance of shielding and protections maintains. FCSC system cabinets together with FAPS filters provide effective protection over very wide range of frequencies.


Protectors and filters are the most important factor when protecting equipment against electromagnetic pulse. FAPS-filters for transmission and RF cables have excellent performance up to 18 GHz. Innovative filters provide high level of protection against electromagnetic pulse and high power microwaves. Filters are available for 2Mbit/s (ITU-T G.703 E1 and T1), Ethernet 10/100BaseT and analog connections. Brand new filter for RF connections (~75-400) MHz will be released soon.